About ODIiS

Geographical database of the irrigation network, it’s asset and functioning staus is not available for the state and accurate data relating to cultivated area and area irrigated is not available in standardized manner. Inter departmental co-ordination issues and absence of proper system for data collection, collation, storage and dissemination is major factor in varying statistics by various departments. In view of the above observation by the Principal Secretary, Dept. of water resources, Govt. of Odisha that data on cultivated area and irrigated area needs to be properly sanitized and efforts may be to work out strategy for the same. A high level meeting was held on 17.05.2016 at state secretariat on “Strategy for sanitizing the data on cultivated area and irrigated area of the State”. A detailed presentation was made on the matter by ORSAC to generate a common standard database of cultivated and irrigated area by using Remote Sensing and GIS technologies. As a response, Dept. of water resources assigned ORSAC to undertake the work of generating data on cultivated and irrigated area of the state in the first phase and asset database generation in second phase.

At present data of Dept. of Water Resource(Major, Medium, Minor, Creek; Watershed mission, OLIC and Mega Lift projects), Dept. of Agriculture (Jalanidhi – I, OAIC- Jalanidhi–II and Horticulture projects), Dept. of SC/ST (ITDA projects) and Dept. of Panchayatiraj (DRDA /BLOCK projects) are collected in from of map and attribute are processed and converted into GIS database. Sanitizing of data also completed after GIS database generation. The development of Geo-ICT based Technology for regular, automated and authentic data collection of all further irrigation related activities/new project execution of the state continues. The web-portal development is also completed by ORSAC.